Equine Pensions has been providing retirement livery since 2009. We look after horses from all over the world, from as far away as Dubai and Singapore.

Ours is a family run retirement farm where we care for old and injured horses as if they were part of our family. We have over 70 hectares of meadow, woodland and stream. Big, open spaces for the horse to enjoy his true nature, to live within a herd and to wander, to choose how he spends his time and who he wants to spend it with.

This ethological approach is combined with the experience, expertise and specialist care that old and injured horses require. Physiotherapy, massage and a trained eye all help to meet the needs of each individual horse and each horse is treated as an individual.

We are not a traditional stable yard. We do have large, airy boxes for those horses that need it and small barns are available for small groups of up to four horses but the preference is to let the horse be a horse, outside 24/7. His psychological welfare is fundamental and has a huge impact on his physical well-being.

He will, obviously, be wormed regularly and have his feet taken care of but he won’t be brushed every day and his mane will get a little longer. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care, it is more a recognition that he has paid his dues and can now relax. I can guarantee that he will be happy with his new look.

Having been around horses all my life I am still fascinated by their interactions and am still learning from them every day. It is not unusual to find me in a field, surrounded by a group of horses, all demanding a scratch here or a massage there. As each one is an individual and we know their history and character it is easy to spot when something isn’t right and we can investigate immediately.

If you are thinking of retiring your horse, or he has an injury, or behavioural problems, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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All our prices include ad-lib hay, feed, regular worming, hoof trimming and VAT.

Discount of 5% for half yearly payments

Discount of 10% for annual payments

Livery ServiceMonthly Half YearlyAnnually
Grass Livery€ 165€ 940€ 1782
Standard Livery € 280€ 1596€ 3024
Full Livery€ 400€ 2280€ 4320