There are a number of conditions and injuries which benefit from an extended period of convalescence.  In the case of fractures, torn ligaments and tendon damage, for example, the body takes up to 15 months to repair the tissue completely.  If the horse is brought back into work before this period of complete healing has finished the problem usually re-occurs very quickly and the resulting damage is often irrevocable.

Any damage the body suffers will always leave that part susceptible to further damage.  Once damaged it can be mended but it will always have a cetain level of frailty.  It is often better to view a horse that is returned from injury as a horse that is in remission.  To demand the same work, at the same intensity and level which caused the problem in the first place is likely to cause further, more serious damage.  However, less intense work, gentler exercise or even changing the way of being ridden under saddle can all contribute to the horse returning to a useful, full life with its owner.

Neither are all chronic conditions a death sentence.  Navicular disease, arthritis, COPD and OCD can be effectively managed.  

Even with the best care in the world some injuries and conditions are so severe that the horse will never recover sufficiently to be able to return to work.  No one wants to see a horse suffer, nor destroy a horse that has a chance of some level of recovery.

Here at Equine Pensions we cannot promise miracles.  What we offer is the knowledge and experience to give your horse the best possible chance to return to the best possible health and to enjoy a long retirement in as natural environment as his condition allows. 

Please see our Case Histories page for more information on the types of injuries we are currently caring for.

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