We know that having to send your horse to a retirement home is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to face.  Here to help you make your decision easier are some of the more frequently asked questions.  If your question doesn't appear in the list please contact us and we will be happy to give you as much information as we can.  If you prefer you can use our enquiry form and we will contact you.


  • How can you keep your prices so low?Websitefield

As a working farm following organic methods, we make all our own big-bale hay, haylage and straw and therefore keep our forage quality high whilst keeping the cost low.  All stables/loose boxes are 12'x12' and are inside existing buildings and have been designed to facilitate ease of management; allowing us to spend more time with your horse.  Whilst they might not be the prettiest stable blocks, they are warm, dry and secure.  The well-being of your horse is our priority and therefore the number of guests is limited to ensure the best care for each individual, to be looked after as an individual, so we have no need of staff and have no staff wages to find.



  • Where abouts are you in France?

We are situated in the heart of France, in Creuse which is part of the Limousin region.  This area was deliberately chosen for its mild, dry climate; an important consideration for the older horse.  It is approximately a five hour drive from one of the northern ports.  The closest airport is Limoges which is about an hour and a half away by car.









  • What experience do you have?websiterob

Between us we have nearly 40 years of professional equine experience.  This covers instructing, running livery yards, working for international riders, the rehabilitation of injured horses as well as the usual mucking-out, feeding and grooming!  My husband, Rob, is also a certified AI technician, equine-physio and masseuse.  There truly aren't many situations and conditions that we haven't already come across, so your horse will be in very capable hands.

  • My horse has been injured but I am hoping he will return to work.  Can you help?

Yes, we can.  Many injuries require a long period of convalescence in order that the horse has the best opporutnity to return to work.  A premature return to work can result in permanent damage.  We will give your horse a tailored rehabilitation programme to ensure that he has the best possible chance of returning to fitness.  

  • What feeding regime will my horse follow?

This will depend on your horse and what he or she is currently used to as any sudden change in diet is not good for the horse's digestive system.  Obviously over time what is fed and how often will change, eg if as a 40 year old he will only have a few teeth, he needs to be fed soft, easily digestible food little and often.  We pay very close attention to the nutritional value of the feed and maintaining a healthy gut and circulatory system.  All horses have free access to mineral and salt licks, added to which we have our soil analysed regularly and any minerals missing are added to the soil so that they enter the forage and grazing which facilitates the natural absorption of the organic mineral by the horse as nature intended.


  • Can I come and see my horse?

Of course!  Self-catering accommodation (with swimminhg pool) is available approximately 10km away or if you prefer we can arrange a chambre d'hote for you.


  • What equipment do I need to send with my horse?

Just the usual eg: head collar, stable rug, turnout rug, turnout boots, whatever he usually has, but we do ask that equipment is clearly marked with your horse's name.  For head collars we find the metal identification tags usually used for dog collars are ideal. 


  • What paperwork is required?

Your horse will need a passport, up to date vaccinations and a microchip (necessary to comply with French regulations).  If we are collecting your horse we will deal with all the necessary paperwork.


  • How do I pay?

Monthly in advance by cheque, Standing Order, Direct Debit or Direct Transfer.  We offer a 5% discount if you wish to pay half yearly in advance or 10% for yearly in advance.  Payments are accepted in pounds sterling or euros, whichever is the easiest for you.



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