All prices include:

  • Feed
  • Regular hoof trimming
  • Regular worming
  • Annual dental check



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Your horse lives out in the summer within a small group with free access to shelter whenever he wishes.  In the winter they are brought in overnight to their barn and turned out for the day but again he is free to come back in during that time should he so choose.

Weekly rate: 30

This is our preferred method for keeping your horse psychoogically and physically healthy.   However, each horse is an individual and for some horses, the injured or frail for example, one of the following options may be more appropriate.



Standard Livery

Your horse lives out all summer within a small group with free access to shelter.  In the winter he is brought in overnight to his own stable and turned out for the day with the same group of friends.  Again, he has free access to shelter during the day.

Weekly rate: 38



Full Livery
Your horse is stabled all year round and enjoys daily turn out with his own small  group of equine friends.  He has access to shelter at any time he so chooses.  

Weekly rate: 53



Tailored Livery
For those horses with special needs, for example, special dietary requirements, individual turnout, restricted grazing paddocks, physio-therapy, massage, medication, homeopathy, shoeing, etc., we can provide a completely tailored package for their individual management and care.  

Convalescence and Rehabilitation 
Please see our Case History page
Many injuries require complete rest for a number of months followed by a period of recuperation before the horse can be brought back into work.  Tendon damage, for example, takes 15 months for the body to completely repair and regenerate the damaged tissue.  This often faces owners with a dilemma: having invested a large amount of  time, energy and money in vets' fees and livery bills do they give in to the temptation to bring the horse back in to work a little earlier and risk the injury recurring, or keep the horse in expensive full livery for the required period wihtout any guarantee that the horse will eventually return to full work.

Happily, we can offer an affordable alternative.  Please contact us for further details.



Livery bills are paid in advance, either monthly, half yearly or annually. 

We offer a 5% discount for half yearly payments and 10% for annual payments.

     Prices include       VAT @ 20 %
Half Yearly
 Grass Livery - 30pw net
 36.00156.00  889.20  1684.80
 Standard Livery - 38pw net  45.60197.60  1126.32  2134.00
 Full Livery - 53pw net  63.60275.60  11570.92  2976.48















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