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We are a family-run retirement livery yard offering nearly 40 years professional equine experience to provide your horse with the retirement that he truly deserves.  It has taken us a long time to find the right setting but here in the heart of France is Horse Paradise, where we can provide tranquility and peace in a sympathetic climate.  We have chosen this part of France specifically with the retired and injured horse in mind.  The winters are dry, the summer temperatures are moderate; ideal for the older, arthritic horse and those that enjoy feeling the sun on their backs all year round.  With the added bonus being that the veterinary costs in this part of France are significantly less expensive than the Netherlands or the UK.


Our priority is the psychological and physical well-being of your horse and therefore we aim to give the horse as natural an environment and lifestyle as possible.  Set in over 70 hectares of organically managed pastureland, we can assure your horse  of the best possible care.  There is either natural shelter or purpose built shelters in all the fields offering year-round turnout. The horses are kept in  social, natural groups in order to provide a stress-free environment.  However, each horse is an individual and for those horses that require it, we can also provide management and care to suit their specific needs, for example, individual stabling, turn-out in individual paddocks, restricted grazing, physio-therapy, homeopathy or long-term medication.



The horses are checked reglarly throughout the day, partly to make sure that everyone is well and happy, but also because we continue to be fascinated by the interaction and communication between horses.  And as we know each horse as an individual we are able to recognise subtle changes in behaviour which will always be investigated to ensure that there are no problems.


With a wealth of experience covering most aspects of the equine world there is very little that surprises us, apart from the lack of reasonably priced facilities for the retired horse.  Therefore we cater for all horses, whatever their reason for being retired; old age, ill health or injury (please see Moselle's story at the bottom of our Services page), or just difficult to manage.  And we can provide tailor-made, individual care to meet all your requirements at a very affordable price.





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