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*  Sep 2012 -We recently found out that we have once again been  mentioned in Bit Magazine.  Thank you Alex for pointing it out to us and thank you Mr  De Manvan!  If you would like a reminder of the article please see Artikel Bit #2 in our Netherlands section with a forward by Alex herself.

* Summer 2012 - If you would like to help improve the welfare of Romanian horses, then please see our links page. 

* 27.03.12 - Bienvenue à Chéops et félicitations à Mafalda.  Bien joué!

* Noble Alien - juin 2010 - il est arrivé de Dubayy.
   Noble flies in from Dubai

* Samantha, Acarla and Maxime arrive from Stalburg BV - visit their website through our Links page to find out more about  their  girls.

* Zoro flies in from Dubai - see him on our photos page.
* Moselle - 01.05.2010 - Spécial Anniversaire. 
Voilà un an jour pour jour que Moselle a été accidentée au Bois de Boulogne.  Voir son histoire.



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